Hanalei PTA Board Members, Committees, and PTA Annual Duties



-Preside over all meetings and create agendas

-Official Spokesperson

-Oversees Organization Governance, Legal and Financial Matters

-Ex-Officio member of all committees


Vice President - Events: 

- Oversees Open House, Jog-a-Thon, Family Nights, Teacher Appreciation Week

- Oversee Giving Tuesday Facebook drive

- Coordinate any other PTA events


Vice President – Enrichment Coordinator

- Oversees/Develops Enrichment programs 

- Oversees Quality Control of programs

- Help find and hire Enrichment Teachers

- Ensure all Enrichment teachers are properly insured and have signed contracts

- Review and Approve enrichment teacher invoices and supply requests and then submit to Treasurer 



-Take minutes at all board and membership meetings and distribute copies to all board members.

-Minutes are typed and ready for approval at the next meeting

-Prepare the sign-in sheet for meetings

-Maintain a file of all approved minutes, agendas and materials distributed at any official PTSA meeting

-Input and maintain spreadsheets as needed for membership roster. Coordinate directly with treasurer on getting membership funds deposited

-Determine with PTA board the most appropriate methods and frequency of communicating with members 

-Prepare PTA section of PCNC’s Newsletter

-Collect email addresses from members and use to send meeting reminders and announce upcoming events, - In charge of PTA email account,

-Consistent Distribution of Thank You Notes to Donors

-Keep School Bullinten Board Updated

-Maintain a file of all your work, including photos of displays and samples of each document.



-Have custody of all the funds of the association;

-Keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures;

-Make disbursements as authorized by the president, executive board, or association in accordance with the budget adopted by the association;

-Have checks or vouchers signed by two persons, the treasurer and one other officer;

-Present a financial statement at every general and executive board meeting of the association and at other times when requested by the executive board;

-Make a full report at the meeting when new officers officially assume their duties 

-Develop a comprehensive budget for the year (working with the budget comitee) Adopt it at an early meeting and use it to guide your group’s financial activity.

-Set up a filing system for this coming year and stay organized from the start.

Member at Large- Grants

- Pursues Grants for enrichment programming and funding

- Coordinates all grant reporting and deadlines


Member at Large- Homeroom Parent Coordinator

-Open House Volunteer Drive

- Organize Class Parents for each class

- Maintain email contact with families through class parents

- Coordinate Class Projects if applicable

- Help teachers coordinate volunteers for their classrooms


Member at Large- Website & Social Media Coordinator

- Maintain and update the PTA website (

- Maintain and update the PTA Facebook page

- Create, maintain and update any other future PTA social media accounts


Healthy Snack Coordinator:

-Work with Board to develop budget for Healthy Snack Program

-Work with local farms, Malama Kauai, Waipa etc to source food for the program

-Pick up the food or coordinate deliveries to the school

-Develop schedule of healthy snack days at school

-Coordinate volunteers to help prep and serve food to the kids


Recycling Chair:

-Run the school’s monthly recycling program

-Coordinate volunteer team to sort dropped off recycling

-Coordinate with Kauai recycling contact for pick up of sorted materials and payment

-Create and distribute monthly recycling flyer to go home with all students


Book Cart Chair:

-Maintain the PTA book cart in front of Harvest Market

-Deposit funds from book cart on a regular basis

-Ensure book cart is stocked and coordinate book drives when needed


Yearbook Chair:

-Create school’s annual yearbook and place order

-Work with any school photography club, technology coordinator and parents to source photos


Apparel Chair:

-As needed order new hats and t-shirts and whatever other merchandise the PTA decides on

-Source merchandise vendors and print shops, coordinate shipping, help sell items at PTA events


SCC Liason:

-Attend all SCC (School Community Council) and PTA meetings and act as liason for both organizations

-Give updates at SCC meetings on PTA happenings and vice versa


HSF Liason:

-Attend all HSF (Hanalei School Foundation) and PTA meetings and act as liason for both organizations

-Give updates at HSF meetings on PTA happenings and vice versa


Teacher Representative-Chosen by School Committee

-Liason between teachers, staff and board

-Assists with distribution of event information


Hanalei School PTA Board Elections

Board Positions

Write-In Nominees

 President -

 VP– Events - Allisun Shaw

 VP – Enrichment -

 Secretary -

 Treasurer -

 MAL – Grants

 MAL – Homeroom Parent Coordinator - Sonja Moffat

 MAL – Website & Social Media

Additional Positions:

 Healthy Snack Coordinator

 Recycling Chair

 Book Cart Chair

 Yearbook Chair - Jenn Stetts

 Apparel Chair - Krisha Augerot

 SCC Liaison - Korin Dunford

 HSF Liaison - Brit Cooper

PTA Board Elections on May 14th at 8am at Final General Membership Meeting of the Year