technology & supplies

Thanks to funds raised by the PTA, Hanalei School has been able to purchase valuable supplies, keeping the children up to date on current advancements.



The Hanalei PTA has helped Hanalei School with a wide variety of technology resources and endeavors over the years. This support has enabled our students and teachers to have access to modern technology for learning and teaching, as we strive to use all the tools available to make learning more engaging and relevant for students growing up in the 21st century. The Hanalei PTA has helped fund class sets of Chromebook computers, as well as iPad devices (~ $10,000 for 30 Chromebook computers and licenses to help our 5th grades get 1 computer for each student back in 2015, and ~ $5,000 for 10 iPads and cases for replacing broken devices).

Recently, the PTA helped the school purchase protective cases for 80 new iPads for the Kindergarten and 1st grade students.

Over the years, the PTA has supported the school in getting a portable PA system for school events, better speakers for teachers in their classrooms, new camera equipment to support our yearbook, a 3D printer to help expose students and teachers to the new technology of 3D printing, and more!

The Hanalei PTA has also generously supported various technology-related school groups and after school clubs, including support for the Hanalei School Morning News Crew, the Hanalei LEGO Robotics team, and 3D Printing and Coding (Programming) after school clubs. This support all helps Hanalei School to improve the opportunities for students to engage with technology and utilize engaging and inspiring tools to explore and create. Mahalo Hanalei PTA for all the amazing support for Hanalei School students and teachers!

Below is a listing of some of the technology the Hanalei PTA has supported over the years at Hanalei School:

Chromebooks ~ $10,000 for 30 devices and licenses

iPads~ $5,000 for 10 devices and cases

iPad cases for 80 new iPads

Portable PA system

Camera equipment

Classroom speakers

Video Crew support

LEGO Robotics Team support (FLL season and State Tournaments)

3D Printer

After school clubs (3D printing, coding, Yearbook, and more)


If you are interested in supporting educational technology for the children at Hanalei School, please click below: